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Welcome to Henson’s Fiberglass

Fiberglass pools in Phoenix, Arizona and why it makes sense.

*No more algae problems,
*Eliminating ugly stains and cracks

*Reducing chemical costs by 30 to 50%, plus hours of pool labor,
*Never replacing annoying liners due to ripping and fading again,
*Preventing painful skin abrasion from rough plasters and pebble surfaces.
*Not to mention, never having to resurface your pool ever again,

Let Henson's Fiberglass resurface your swimming pool with a nonporous, stain resistant, satin smooth fiberglass finish, which is virtually maintenance free.  We can resurface over most surfaces; we can even turn your Vinyl Liner pool into a permanent Fiberglass pool.

Why Henson’s Fiberglass is the best surface for your pool, Guaranteed!

Henson’s uses a fiberglass matte custom cut to fit your pool along with a corrosion resistant resin that is uniquely designed for this application.  No other company's product compares.

Henson’s Fiberglass has over 41 years of proven and time tested special glassing technique that lasts!  Except no imitation fiberglass company.   Many company's claim to have the secrets to fiberglass but have no experience, they purchase their resins from a franchise company who never uses their own product.  We mix all our own materials.  (The Real Deal) Henson’s fiberglass was the first in fiberglass swimming pool resurfacing in Arizona and continues serving the valley with the only lifetime warranty pool surface product on the market today.

Henson's also offers all types of Fiberglass repair or Manufacturing work.
Call or text for an appointment 602-361-3063